Saturday, June 4, 2011

40s Hair Attempt #2

So, my mistakes the first time around were leaving the sponge rollers on the steam too long and then worsening the situation by steaming the roller cover as well. This left my hair damp and not likely to stay curled. Also, my hair was so long it was weighing down the curl.

So, the next day, I cut my hair.

My hair used to be below my boobs, but now is quite a bit shorter. I'm still not used to it.  I actually wanted to cut off 6 inches, but when I was leaving work I was ambushed by coworkers who would not allow me to cut off my hair.  They kind of freaked me out.  So, only about 4 inches was cut.  I feel like I'm back in High School.  I might have to curl my hair all the time now so I won't have to look at the gross weird-lengthed cut.

Here's my second attempt at this 40s hairstyle thing.

My adjustments today included placing the rollers vertically rather than horizontally in hopes of achieving this look:

The front and back:

I reduced the steam time to 6 seconds and didn't steam the covers this time.  The curls were still slightly damp, but they seemed to be holding up better:

Unfortunately, I had no time to tease my hair to get those Victory Rolls, so I just did a makeshift one so I could get to Art Hop on time to promote the play.

We're getting there! Less than one week until opening night!!!

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