Thursday, June 2, 2011

40s Hair Attempt #1

I just got my Caruso Steam rollers in the mail and need to figure out this 40s thing.  "A Picasso" opens in one week!!!  I chose these steam rollers because my hair is notoriously uncurlable, and many o my friends have had success with these rollers on clean, no-product hair.

I tried to follow the placement guidelines in the instruction manual, but I wasn't putting the covers on close enough to the scalp, so they were too floppy.   I placed the rollers on the steamer for about 7-8 seconds and then also steamed the roller cover to give added oomph.  I left them in my hair for about 30 minutes, which is double the necessary time.

Here's a pic after I started to take a few rollers out.  My hair was still a little damp from the steam, so the curls quickly faded. I'm going to try NOT steaming the covers next time and see if that helps the curl.

Crazy hair below! Again, still damp, so it faded quickly.  Also, my hair is WAAAAAy too long, so that's a problem I will soon rectify.  Look for shorter hair tomorrow!

Then I attempted to do some Victory Rolls.  Not successful.  Here is me teasing my hair to add volume.  I used lots of hairspray.

The front after trying to victory roll my hair.  Ugh:

Then I needed to get all that hair out of the way in the back so I just randomly pinned it up, hoping the back of my head would't be in in the photo call for "A Picasso" that night:

See?  RANDOM back.  Geesh.  I need a haircut.

Anyways, the promo pics turned out good for the show!  If you're in the Fresno area, be sure to go see "A Picasso" at the Broken Leg Stage!

Look for hair attempt number 2 tomorrow!  (With shorter hair)

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  1. my hair doesn't curl either so I use diluted lottabody setting lotion (1/2 water, 1/2 product) and spray it all over so hair is just damp, brush it through, then blow dry, then use hot rollers. Works like a charm and keeps my hair curly all day, even during St. Louis's awful humid summers. I dilute it so my hair doesn't get crispy. Love your hat!!!