Monday, February 21, 2011

It's as easy as one, two, three!

I recently went to my second JASNA Regency sewing group meeting and buckled down to complete the Regency Chemise to wear underneath my bodiced petticoat! So, here are the layers of my Regency dress:

Step 1: Chemise

So the purpose of my chemise was to eliminate the gap between my bodiced petticoat and my sheer regency gown (my skin showed through the sheer part where the bodice didn't meet the top of the gown).  Unfortunately, I cut my chemise too low, so the sole purpose of the chemise fell through. Oh well, at least I will keep some of the sweat off my bodice and dress.

I cut the chemise a little longer than was typical during this time period. I hemmed it at my calf so that it wouldn't be distracting when seen through the sheer dress. It will end a little above the top cord/tuck on my petticoat and will be another nice horizontal line to complement that.

Step 2: Bodiced Petticoat

So, as you can see, my dress form is a little differently-shaped than I am, so the bodice doesn't meet exactly in the back. The front is also a little bunchy because the mannequin's hips are a little fuller. It fits perfectly on me, I swear! Oh, well... that's what the chemise is for, I guess!

Step 3: Regency Sheer Gown

The dress looks SO GREAT with all three layers put together! The corded petticoat gives such an amazing fullness, that the dress hangs like a dream!

The best part? Seeing my amazing tucked petticoat through the gown! Huzzah!

Step 4: The Spencer!!!  (To be continued!)


  1. What fabric did you use for the dress? It is absolutely beautiful!

  2. I used a very fragile sheer cotton fabric that was on clearance. I was looking for gauze but couldn't find it at Joann's, but I did find this super-sheer material (with no description on it!). I wanted a material that would allow a colored petticoat to show through since I do plan to make some colored ones for balls. I actually wouldn't recommend the fragile material I bought, since I fear the sleeves might rip with a sudden movement!