Monday, February 14, 2011

Cording the Petticoat and Hemming the Gown

Remember my Regency To-Do List? I finished a few things (see strike-outs below):
  1. I need to create a simple chemise to go under the bodiced petticoat so that the petticoat doesn't show through. My finished chemise is here.
  2. I need to press the rolled hems on the bodice and sleeves so they sit properly. I really hope this eliminates the funkiness you see in the pictures. Done!
  3. I need to hem the bottom of the petticoat and dress. For some reason the petticoat is longer in front than the back. I wonder if I sewed it on backwards?  Doing any sort of hemming is an absolute impossibility in my household. I happen to have a little Basset Hound who thinks that anytime I get down on the floor it is for the sheer purpose of petting her. She doesn't understand why I must push her away every two seconds. Ugh. This process also leaves quite a bit of hair on my dress.  Geesh.
  4. I am wondering if I should cord the petticoat at all to give it some body.  As you can see below, I didn't actually cord it, mostly because I don't like the way my bodiced petticoat is coming out and I don't want to dedicate much more time and money to this lost cause.  However, when hemming my sheer gown, I realized it is much too short, and my petticoat is much too long. Therefore, I needed to either cut off a TON from my petticoat or pretend I added the length on purpose just so I could add some "tucks" and give it a nice shape under my dress.  I opted for the latter.  
      Can you BELIEVE THIS....
    ..turned into THIS?
    Do you think I should sew down the flaps?  I'm not really sure what I'm doing here.  Also, as you can see I randomly spaced the tucks (and randomly choose the depth of the tucks).  Really, I'm just making this stuff up as I go.
    Here is the pretty interior of the petticoat. I like it.
So, here's the sheer Regency dress so far (without the petticoat underneath... so immodest!). As you can see, I still need to attach the buttons onto the back of the dress *and attempt to use the buttonholer... YIKES!*:

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  1. okay, idea. . . .
    You know that stripper pole hook in your dining area? (Yes, I outted you!). . . if the hook can rotate, you can hang the dresses on a hanger from the hook, sit at a chair and pin the hem that way.

    if the stripper pole hook doesn't work, you can simply loosely mount a plant hanger hook in the ceiling somewhere so that it will turn instead.