Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1920s Dress Planning

I've been cast in a One Act called "Overtones" by Alice Gerstenberg which we are setting in the 1920s. Time to make a swanky dress!  I bought some amazing see-through fabric from F&M in Bakersfield and am planning to make a black rayon slip to put under it.  I will base the shape off of the peach dress in the following video but the fabric is more like the black dress featured earlier in the clip.

Here is the pretty fabric I bought for the top layer of the gown which will go over a black slip I will be making:

I would like the sleeves to be very deep cut so the slip shows through my sides like in views B and C here.

I'm actually going to make the sleeves VERY low hanging so the dress is very slinky.  I figured I might as well have fun with the design, since it's just a 2-day show and doesn't require extreme historical accuracy.

These two dresses appear to have the gigantic side openings that I'm talking about.  The first one shows the lining peeking through like I would like to do with the black slip:

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