Saturday, February 5, 2011

Regency Bodiced Petticoat

Since I already own the Sense and Sensibility Regency dress pattern, I figured I might as well ease into corset-making by creating a bodiced petticoat with plastic boning inside. Instead of using S&S's online instructions, I have been sewing up my Regency Bodiced Petticoat from ZipZip's online tutorial.  

Here is me holding the back of the bodice closed because I haven't created the eyelets yet.
Frankly, I've been having loads of trouble figuring out where to put the boning in order to maximize the push-up qualities of the bodice.  And, may I mention, that I completely understand now why men are a little squeamish sometimes about zippers being so close to their *ahems*, because pinning needles in order to correctly place darts near *you-know-whats* ranks up there a one of the most scary and painful experiences of my life!  OUCH!

In addition, I have been having meltdowns in regards to hand-sewing eyelets on the back of the bodice.  Mine do not looks anywhere near as nice as ZipZip's.  I used this method for spacing (where the first two holes are 1/2 inch apart, but the rest are 1inch) so that only one lace is required. I've learned that this is the more period correct pattern for lacing rather that the modern Xs method.

However, I was NOT able to use the "don't break a single thread method" of pushing progressively larger awls through the fabric in order to create a large enough hole. My fabric is very tightly woven, not to mention it is also four layers thick, so I mistakingly used a seam ripper. 
See? UG-LY.
Whoops!  I sliced right through the fabric side!  I had to sew on bias tape in order to repair the damage caused by the seam-ripper.  Some holes are irregularly shaped because of the ripper as well. Ugh.  I am fairly confident I will not be trying the hand-sewn approach again in the future. What a mess.
The holes SHOULD line up correctly, but I had my husband help lace me up, and I didn't ask him to line up the holes while lacing. My fault.


  1. Wow, great bodiced petticoat! I have never been able to successfully make one like this, but now I am motivated to give it another try sometime. I think your lacing holes look great and the fit is wonderful.

    And YES, I know exactly what you mean about pinning too close to the you-know-whats. Agh! An accidental prick there is gonna hurt. :P

    Beautiful petticoat!! And I LOVE your blog!!!

  2. I'm glad someone is motivated to try it again! When things go badly for me, I get into a funk and don't want to try it again for awhile. Right now it's the button holer. My Regency dress is completely done except for button holes. I just can't figure that stupid thing out, no matter how many youtubes I watch. ARGH!