Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Finished Rey Resistance Costume!

Look, ma! I'm standing next to MARK HAMILL!!

I finally made the time to go out and get some pics taken of my Rey Resistance costume, and I am happy to share the results with you!

If you are at all interested to see how the costume was made, please check out my tutorial links at the bottom of this post!

Okay, so I photoshopped this one myself so it's not the greatest...

And now for the actual photos: 

Cue that Training Montage Music!

And some weapons goodness:

So... do you think Rey's arm has been getting tired from holding it out to Luke for TWO YEARS?! I simply cannot WAIT to see what happens next! 

Will Luke take the saber? Will he tell her it's hers and that she can keep it? I need to know!

 And finally, a fun edit a friend made for me:

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