Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Time Travel Tea 2013

Steampunk Tea and Sympathy
This dress for the Time Travel Tea was my chance to final make a Steampunk-esque dress and break the rules of historical costuming. The rules were to dress from “any tea-drinking era” and our local steampunk group was partnering with our costuming society, so I felt free to try something new!

I found a synthetic (polyester... gasp!) pleated bedskirt and knew I had to use it for a skirt. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite understand that it’s impossible to dye polyester without harsh chemicals and so my vision of an ombre skirt didn’t come to fruition but rather dyed only the parts with lower synthetic fiber content. Oh well.

Other pieces:

  • I didn’t have time to make a proper Victorian cage crinoline but instead just used a pillow bustle (from my Dickens fair dress) to give my tush some oomph.
  • Ruffled bodice using my Dickens Fair bodice pattern.
  • Ruffled wristlets and ruffled spats from a knitted scarf I found at a thrift store. Embellished with ruffled scraps of fabric.
  • A mini-top hat made from a Starbucks cup covered with fabric from my bodice.

More fun pics from the event:

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