Thursday, January 27, 2011

Regency Dress 1.0

In May of 2010, with only one week until Jane Fest, I bought the Sense and Sensibility Regency e-Pattern and two kinds of fabric and dumped the whole lot on the desk of my school site's sewing teacher with the simple phrase, "Teach me to SEW!"

Her face looked something like this! 

It was way more difficult than my good friend Heather Parish said it would be, but the feeling I received from wearing a costume I had made was just exhilarating!

I lined the gown with a pretty green color so it wouldn't be see-through in the sun.  In the silent auction, I won this fabulous Bee in your Bonnet creation made by the wonderful Carrie Flores! 

Problems encountered: The back didn't close up all the way on the bodice or on the skirt. I could fix the skirt by not gathering it so much, but I'm dumbfounded by what I did wrong on the bodice.


  1. I had no idea that you could make stuff like this. Super awesome lil C

  2. Chelsea~I'm just catching up, but I have to say that if I had told you how hard it can be, you would have never tried it. It is the same thing I do to people who want to act or actors who want to do Shakespeare. "It's not that hard, really!"

  3. Yes, yes... thank you for lying to me! I wouldn't be sewing if you hadn't fibbed a little!