Monday, March 3, 2014

Eowyn's Neverland Birthday

Here are some photos from E's 1st birthday party!  Descriptions to come one day!

The pirate and fairy dressing station: The costume chest!

 For the "pirate kids" I made pirate hats, eye patches, binoculars, moving telescopes, and pirate sashes! For the "fairy kids" I made personalized fairy tutus, and wands.  I also gave the boys some dollar store compasses and the girls some face pixie dust.
Pirate fonts were projected, traced and sharpied.

Handmade fairy tutus, pirate hats, eye patches, binoculars, telescopes, sashes and wands with store-bought compasses and fairy face glitter.

A close-up of the pirate hat on my Basset Hound 
Painting those binoculars

In the tree I hung dozens of jute/feather ornaments I made.
Hanging out in Tiger Lily's teepee

You can kind of see the feather ornaments in the tree here. 

Walking the plank.. fun for a girl just learning to walk!

London cityscape silhouette in the window behind the treasure.

Fabric silhouettes I cut out and fray-checked

Opening presents in front of the "Second Star to the right" table.

I made a puzzle game where the kids had to complete each station (like walking the plank, "flying" in the bounce house, etc) in order to get their puzzle piece which in the end would construct a treasure map of the party.
Puzzle hunting sign.

Completed puzzle

Bonus cool map I made with "reveal by fire" lettering!

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