Sunday, February 6, 2011

Completion of Regency Gown 2.0

I spent my Super Bowl Sunday hand-sewing the interior of my sheer Regency gown. I had to finish the seam edges by hand because the thin fabric is extremely fray-able. I don't actually own pinking shears, and Fray check would be a little stiff on such a delicate gown, so hand-sewing around the frayed edges is what I came up with.
Please don't look at my un-make-uped face, please.
Now, there's a few things I still need to work on:
  1. I need to create a simple chemise to go under the bodiced petticoat so that the petticoat doesn't show through (see closeup below).
  2. I need to press the rolled hems on the bodice and sleeves so they sit properly. I really hope this eliminates the funkiness you see in the picture below.
  3. I need to hem the bottom of the petticoat and dress. For some reason the petticoat is longer in front than the back. I wonder if I sewed it on backwards? 
  4. I am wondering if I should cord the petticoat at all to give it some body.
  5. I also would LIKE to create a spencer, but since I have a 1940s dress and a 1920s dress on my docket, this may not happen after all.

I foresee some craziness in trying to get the chemise to be exactly the right shape, but we'll see how it goes.

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